To apply to the 2014/2015 REDDI program please submit an online application.


The Office of School Reform and Innovation, in partnership with the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, is pleased to introduce REDDI, Residency for the Educational Development of DPS Intrapreneurs. REDDI is a new leadership-training residency program for aspiring leaders of district-run schools.

This fully paid residency offers leaders the opportunity to learn from highly successful charter schools that have already developed their own leadership training curriculum and residency models. Leaders will spend one year in a job-embedded training program learning from Denver’s highest-performing charter schools and participating in an intense leadership training series with a curriculum focused on strategic, transformational, entrepreneurial leadership.

At the close of the program, residents will be REDDI to transfer their newly gained skills and ideas back into district-run schools, including innovation schools.

This program targets aspiring leaders (assistant principals, department heads or teacher leaders) who are excited to leverage autonomous thinking within Denver’s district-run schools, including innovation schools.

Ideal candidates want to accelerate their careers, develop a strong entrepreneurial skill set and obtain a principal position in a DPS autonomous school. Successful candidates will have a deep knowledge of instruction and experience leading other colleagues in the school.